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The Offer and coupons for the Ciao Award Christmas Party 2023

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Offers From Ciao Home Service

Clean and Fresh Fridge Bonus
Buy 3 or 4 hours of our premium cleaning service and receive a complimentary fridge cleaning worth 700 kr! That’s right; we’ll pamper your fridge while you enjoy the sparkling results throughout your home.

Fly to Italy Your Dream Vacation Awaits!
Purchase 3 hours of our top-rated cleaning service, and you’ll automatically enter our draw to win a flight ticket to Italy! That’s right; you could soon be savoring the sights, sounds, and flavors of this magnificent destination.

Share & Shine Win 3 Hours of Cleaning
Capture the moment, share the love, and win big! – Here’s your chance to score a FREE 3-hour cleaning session at your home. It’s simple: snap a photo of our car when you see it around town, post it on Instagram, tag us, and you’re automatically entered to win.

Offers From Sponsor and Partner

Persilja Media
get 50% off for your first task from US. You need to order before 31 Dec 2023

Sanna Office Hub
get 1 free meeting with us on The Loft or Sanna Office Hub or use a mobile place free for a week. Need to order before 31-1-2024

Commit Accounting – Get 2 hours of consulting for free – worth 4000 SEK. Book the meeting before 31 dec 2023.

Complete Solutions Internatinal – Buy you computer before 31-12-2023 and get 50% of installation fee for free.

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