Welcome to HomeFlow®, a unique model of decluttering and reorganizing homes that goes beyond just physical space. Our approach combines the power of the subconscious mind with practical organizing techniques to create a space that is not only clutter-free but also harmonious and supportive of your goals and Your family well-being.

Founded by Tiziana Palazzo, a over 30-year experienced Neuroscientific Hypnotherapist and expert Professional home organizer, HomeFlow® is the perfect solution for individuals and families looking to create a peaceful and organized home that brings them happiness and prosperity.


Why HomeFlow®?

We understand that decluttering, reorganizing, tidying up and ordering can be a daunting and overwhelming task, which is why we’ve developed a holistic approach to help you create a clean and organized home that supports your mental health and prosperity.

There have been numerous studies on the link between organizing, mental health, and prosperity for individuals and families. Here are some key findings from research in neuroscience and psychology:

  1. Reduced Stress and Anxiety: A cluttered and disorganized environment can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Studies have found that individuals who live in clean and organized environments tend to have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  2. Improved Productivity and Focus: A clear and organized space can help improve productivity and focus. A study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute found that a cluttered environment can lead to reduced focus and increased difficulty in processing information.
  3. Enhanced Creativity: Organizing and decluttering can also boost creativity. A study by the University of Minnesota found that individuals in clean and organized environments were more likely to come up with innovative ideas than those in cluttered environments.
  4. Better Sleep Quality: Sleep quality can also be impacted by the state of your environment. A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that individuals who make their beds every morning are more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep.
  5. Positive Emotional State: Organizing and decluttering can also lead to a positive emotional state. A study by UCLA found that individuals who engaged in decluttering and organizing experienced a decrease in negative emotions and an increase in positive emotions.
  6. Improved Financial Management: Organizing and decluttering can also lead to better financial management. Studies have found that individuals who live in organized environments tend to make more responsible financial decisions and have higher levels of financial well-being.

How it works?

Our approach begins with the self-rebalance deep reprogramming of 21 days affirmations that help You become open and receptive to decluttering and organizing your home on a regular basis.

Because it helps to rewire your subconscious mind and eliminate any negative beliefs or emotions related to decluttering and organizing. This prepares you for the next step, which is a one-on-one Holistic Rebalance session with Tiziana, in her studio in Stockholm, where you identify your ancestral why and the areas of your home that require the most attention. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan that suits your needs and lifestyle, ensuring that the decluttering process is both progressive and sustainable.

Once you have your personalized plan, the next step is the operational part on-site where Tiziana and her team will work with you to declutter and reorganize your space in a progressive and sustainable way. We start with the corners or areas that have the most emotional significance, and also offer emotional color restyling to help create a space that supports your emotional well-being.

Not only physical clutter

Our approach is Not just about getting rid of physical clutter, but also creating a space that is harmonious and supportive of your mental and emotional health. By working with us, you will not only have a clutter-free home, but also a space that includes the powerful emotional colour restyling, which involves identifying the emotional energy associated with different areas of your home and using colour to create a more harmonious and balanced space.

HomeFlow® is a Unique model of decluttering and reorganizing homes that starts with decluttering to reharmonize the subconscious mind in a natural, safe and secure way.

Achieve a clutter-free and prosperous home that supports Your mental and emotional health.

What is our goal?

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to decluttering and reorganizing, which considers not only the physical space but also the emotional and mental aspects of the process. Our goal is to help You achieve a state of harmony and balance in your home, which will translate into improved mental health and prosperity for you and your family.

Take the first step towards a clutter-free and harmonious home today by contacting us to book a HomeFlow® free orienteering call and your initial Holistic Rebalance session with Tiziana Palazzo. Let us help you achieve the peace and prosperity that You and Your family deserve.