What can we do for you?

Home Sitting Service

Travel often or have a rented property? Explore our Ciao Home Sitting Service now!

Home Sitting
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Cleaning House

Homeowners, wave goodbye to cleaning worries! CIAO Home Service is your happy solution. We’ll have your home sparkling in no time. Book now for a clean and joyful living space!

Cleaning Office

Businesses, let’s dance away cleaning stress! CIAO Home Service is your partner in cleanliness. We bring joy to your office environment. Book today for a delightful workplace!

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Cleaning Restaurant

Restaurant owners, say ciao to cleaning stress! CIAO Home Service has your back. Our experts make your restaurant sparkle. Let’s make it shine together!

Carpet cleaning service

Revive your carpets with our expert cleaning service. Sit back and relax while we work our magic. Book now for a fresh start!

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Party Service

Welcome to S.O.S. Party! We make your special occasions stress-free. From event planning to food prep, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to stress and hello to fun – book now!

Care Services

Life’s hectic, and time is precious. Let Ciao Home Service help you manage it all. From chores to in-home cooking and laundry care, we’ve got you covered. Reclaim your time – book now!

Cleaning after & before moving

Moving in or out? Don’t sweat the cleaning details. Ciao Home Service has you covered! We’ll ensure your new place sparkles or your old one is left spotless. Contact us now! 

Plant Care

We’re your go-to Plant Care Service in Stockholm, offering expert care for your green pals. Whether you’re traveling, hosting an event, or just want thriving plants, we’ve got you covered. Book today and let your plants flourish

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Cleaning & pet vacation services

Your long-awaited family vacation is here, but worries about your home and pets linger. Ciao Home Service has the perfect solution! Leave your concerns behind as our expert team ensures your house is clean and your pets are pampered, so you can enjoy your vacation worry-free.

HomeFlow® Decluttering your home

Discover HomeFlow®: Transform your home into a harmonious space with the power of the subconscious mind. Get started today for a clutter-free and prosperous living environment