Let us take you on a journey to Marche, Italy, where Anita’s story begins. With her feet in the region’s rich culinary traditions and her grandmother’s kitchen, Anita’s love for Italian cuisine was ingrained from a young age. The Marche region’s varied offerings, from pasta dishes to fresh seafood, further fuelled her passion. Anita’s legacy continued with her family’s trattoria, Diaz, where food culture and quality ingredients reigned supreme.

Years later, Anita’s dream to share her love for Italian cooking led her to Sweden. Here, she opened Anita’s Trattoria, where her family’s best recipes and authentic Neapolitan pizzas are served straight from the wood oven. At the trattoria, you’ll find only Italians who share Anita’s passion for genuine, traditional Italian food. Come experience the warmth and hospitality of Anita’s Trattoria, where every dish is a taste of Italy.

Looking to experience the best of what Anita and her team have to offer? Book Anita’s catering services through Ciao Home Service and savor the authentic taste of traditional Italian cuisine!

Anita Gjergji - Anita’s Trattoria
Anita Gjergji – Anita’s Trattoria

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